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Artist Bio
    Minling Lin is an artist living in Albany, New York. She received her Associate Degree in Fine Art at HVCC college, Troy, New York, 2017. Her Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art at SUNY Albany, 2019. She is received her MA in Studio Art at SUNY Albany,2020. She will received her MFA in Studio Art in May at SUNY Albany, 2022.
      Lin likes to try many media in her artworks. Her painting media included Oil, Acrylic, Ink, Watercolor, Paint, color pencil, etc. Most of her works are shown in the abstract. She likes different marks with different emotions in her painting and she also likes to control them in different shapes. She prefers the feeling from an image than other art expressions. Her paintings are through exploring nature to answer the philosophical question, such as where we come from and where we will go. 
      Lin will keep her curious eye to explore the code of the universe. Her answers are her artworks.

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