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Artist Statement

For me, if writing is to say something with logic and process, then painting is to show something at first sight and raise the vibration of an audience’s soul. Vision performs a major role in our sense of where our bodies end and the environment begins.
My marks of the line are fueled by my level of energy rooted in my soul, sometimes wild, natural like snakes and some times tough, hard like a paper cut. The shapes sometimes hint at the meaning; the gourd – with its holes and seeds -- is an ancient symbol for occultism. The deep-space embraces the incompleteness of everything and the movement shapes like a spiral to explore the ending and beginning of our world.
The explosion of detail shown in my work is a reflection of the constant imagery flooded in my
mind while daydreaming or dreaming at night. Painting is a space where I can put all of the floating energy onto a place into the world. The four corners of my canvas contain the multitude of pictures I create in my mind and I try to balance all these elements in my painting. So, my painting is a container to fill up with my emotions, energy, and thinking.
Making artwork is not just the self-searching way for myself, also it is the root connect of all
souls. In some ancient recordings, it is called the akashic. In my understanding, it is the seed for

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